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2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Staggering Price Tag

Trucks are an expensive commodity, especially off-roading trucks, which is nothing new. When we saw the price of the GMC Sierra AT4X AEV, though, our eyes still bulged out of our heads.

Priced at $90,440 as a starting point, GMC’s off-road-capable pickup is $17,045 more expensive than the Chevy Silverado ZR2 and $6895 more expensive than the AT4X base model.

To put that in perspective with other trucks that are similarly priced, the starting price of the Ford Raptor, which has 450 horsepower in comparison to the AT4X’s 420, is $78,385, while the starting price of the Ram TRX, which has 702 horsepower, is $86,450.

With a spare $7000 burning a hole in their wallet and a need for additional approach and departure angle on a GMC off-roader, you’re in luck.

While the base Sierra 1500 AT4X and ZR2 models both have locking front and rear differentials and Multimatic spool-valve dampers, the Sierra 1500 AT4X lacks some of the off-roading characteristics of the Chevy.

The AEV package flips the order of precedence by replacing the front bumper of the Sierra with a steel bumper that is specifically made to accommodate the 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory Mud-Terrain tires featured on the ZR2.

The revised bumper increases the approach angle to 32.5 degrees (from 31.8 degrees on the ZR2), while the new steel bumper at the rear increases the departure angle by 0.4 degrees. The ride height also increases by 0.4 inches to 11.2 inches.

Additionally, the vehicle has five hot-stamped boron steel skid plates underneath it to protect sensitive areas from the ground. A GMC representative said the firm intends to make AEV features standard on all 2023 AT4X vehicles while speaking with Car & Driver earlier this year.