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9 Million Safe Miles

A truck driver with 9 million safe miles under his belt has been reportedly been recognized by his company for his achievement.

This week, truck driver Barry Queebodeaux was celebrated by trucking company KLLM Transport with a banquet after he is said to have driven 9 million safe miles during his career, according to a report from local news station WLBT.

KLLM says via their website: “It takes a single driver about eight years to log a million miles. We are proud of all of KLLM’s driver force, but we are extremely proud of those who have driven themselves into KLLM’s history book.”

Queebodeaux is one of several drivers listed on KLLM’s website with more than 2 million safe miles.

When asked how he achieved the 9 million safe miles milestone, Queebodeaux said, “I just pay attention to all my surroundings, I am always observing everything around me. I have to make sure to watch out for other people because you never know what they are thinking.”

Truck driver Barry Queebodeaux was celebrated by Trucking Company KLLM Transport

Queebodeaux said that while he does miss his family while he’s out on the road, he plans to rack up some more safe miles behind the wheel of a big rig: “When I am home we really enjoy that time together because we don’t get that very often! A lot of people ask me ‘Barry, when are you going to finally retire?’ I tell them heck! Why retire? I’m having too much fun!”

CDLLife was unable to find any mention of any other U.S. truck driver who even came close to reaching the 9 million mile mark. In 2015, Memphis truck driver Arthur Cage was honored for driving 6 million safe miles in a 42 year career. In 2018, Georgia-based truck driver Bobby Elrod was recognized for driving 5 million safe miles in 45 years.