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HINO 300 Series Trucks Australia

Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) are the principles the Hino reputation and name are built on.

Now the Hino 300 Series takes QDR to the next level. With every component, body and engine part tested and retested for performance and longevity in all manner of road and weather conditions.

This constant drive and determination to be the best is what sets the Hino 300 Series apart. It combines exciting new standards of technology and safety with a relentless commitment to QDR and delivering over the long run.

No wonder Hino have just claimed an 11th consecutive class victory at the legendary tough Dakar Rally.


Whatever your next job has in store. Wherever the road takes you. The Hino 300 Series is ready for it. It is the safest Japanese truck in its class, with a comprehensive safety package. Featuring class leading power and benchmark levels of performance, it is the only Japanese light-duty truck with a true automatic transmission.

Featuring enhanced levels of cab comfort, interior ergonomics and innovative technology, it’s ready to make driving easier and more enjoyable for you.


Designed for purpose, the cab ergonomics have been enhanced throughout for a high degree of comfort. The instrumentation panel is impressive to look at and intuitive to work with.

Innovative features maximise efficiency and driver enjoyment, resulting in a workspace you want to be in.


In today’s challenging economy, providing a safe working environment is central to business success, which is why Hino have continually introduced products with class leading safety features.

With Hino, these advanced safety features are engineered as standard inclusions, not optional extras.

The outcome is a truck that takes an active focus in protecting your life and the lives of other road users.


The Hino 300 Series offers the most comprehensive safety package offered by a Japanese manufacturer in the Australian light-duty truck market. From the outset, our designers and engineers prioritised safety when planning and building the next evolution of the 300 Series.

That meant complementing the already high levels of passive safety, with a suite of additional new active safety systems, making the Hino 300 Series the safest Japanese light-duty truck.


The Hino 300 Series is equipped with a range of engines including 4 litre and 5 litre common-rail turbo-diesels, which not only meet Euro 5 and Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle (EEV) emission standards but deliver an ideal combination of power and efficiency.

Expanded options are available with the introduction of the new 721 models which feature a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 4.5 or 6.5 tonnes and support the high horsepower Hino J05 engine.

The new 721 models allow more customers to enjoy the driving performance of Australia’s most powerful Japanese-built light-duty trucks.

True automatics across the range Hino continues to be the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the advantages of a true automatic transmission across the light-duty segment. With no power or torque interruption between gear shifts, the Hino 300 Series provides outstanding performance.

Offering quicker acceleration, lower whole of life costs, with no clutch replacements. Manuals across the range Drivers who still prefer a manual transmission, for Standard Cab models there is a Hino five-speed manual gearbox and for Wide Cab models a Hino six-speed manual gearbox is available.


Open the door to enhanced levels of comfort and functionality. Advanced ergonomics have been applied in the design, from the tilt and telescopic steering wheel to the adjustable torsion bar suspended driver’s seat on all Wide Cab models.

There is ample storage throughout the cab and attention to detail extends to the shift lever, which can be folded so you can move across the cab. Hino engineers have designed the 300 Series from the driver’s perspective to ensure better accessibility, comfort and ultimately improve the overall driving experience.


The Hino 300 Series models are built with Quality, Durability and Reliability standards that are expected from a Hino truck. From the ECE certified cab to the corrosion-resistant chassis frames, the Hino 300 Series truly are ‘Built to drive, ready for anything’.