Become A Partner

Earn an income by referring our trucks and tractors to your clients

Why CASS Partnership?


Starting commission is 7%. After the first three (3) sales your account is reviewed for an increase. Commission rates go as high as 20%.

Monthly Payments

We automatically transfer your commission to an account of your designation.

No Payout Limits

No restrictions on the payment per month to partners. Sell more and earn more. Your earnings are directly proportionate to your commitment to sell.

How Do You Get Paid

We pay via PayPal or Wire Transfer. Please note that both payments have fees attached which will be deducted.


Your partnership, and a member of CASS Trucking team is free. A lifetime relationship with us. No obligations. Drop out any time.


Our sale consultants can help you close the deal. We can be contacted by email.

To join our program email us at [email protected].

Quality Trucks

Feel confident in our offerings. Reliable brands known and loved in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions

CASS Partnership Program provides the opportunity to ambitious individuals to create wealth by their own merit. In essence, a partner offers our online trucks, machinery and equipment to prospective clients. If the client makes a purchase, the partner earns a commission. 

What this means is that you , the partner, do not purchase any stock before you can offer it to the client. You sell directly or indirectly from our website. Contact our support for assistance. Email [email protected].

After your client makes a payment your commission is held for 30 days. This allows sufficient time for the client to request a refund if he/she chooses to. If within 30 days no refund is requested your commission is then forwarded to your account. Partners are paid via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

The email address used to register as a partner is also used to identify partners and authorize their payments. Please keep this email address secured!

We ship Worldwide. 

Many members have made tens of thousands of dollars with our program. There is no limit. You sell our stock. We pay you for your effort. That simple!

We wanted to make it very easy and hassle free to join. You have no excuse. Start earning money today.