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Buying A Tractor

Choosing The Right Tractor For You

Whether you just moved to your rural retreat, or you’re considering taking on a few more chores … if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably decided it’s time to think about buying a tractor. To help give you the information you need to make the best buying decisions, the tractor experts have put together this guide.

The first step in choosing your tractor is deciding on the chores you expect it to handle, both now and in the future; that allows you to narrow your choices down to a particular horsepower range. From there, you and your dealer should consider the size of your property, the comfort and convenience features you’d like and, of course, your budget. A few questions to consider:

How much power do you need? Having a little more power than you think you need is better than not having quite enough.

Which transmission fits your skill level? Tractors are available with a variety of transmission types, from automotive-style manual shifters on up.

Two-wheel drive or four? Light-duty mowing may only require two wheel drive; for heavier chores in rolling ground, MFWD may be the way to go. Four-wheel drive is commonly referred to as “MFWD,” for mechanical front-wheel drive.

Which implements will you need? There are hundreds of implements and attachments available from your dealer, from snow-throwers to rotary cutters. Your choice of implements will affect the tractor you need.

What are your comfort and convenience requirements? If you’re working in the dead of winter or heat of summer, you’ll want a closed, climate-controlled cab. If your chores are more “fair-weather,” you may only need an open-station model.

What about regular maintenance? A tractor should do chores, not be a chore to own. Consider the frequency, type and ease of scheduled maintenance.

Once you and your dealer answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the right tractor model.