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Family-owned Trucking TV Shows

The search is on for truckers and family-owned trucking companies to appear in two new proposed TV shows.

Key creative personnel behind numerous cable TV reality shows including Ice Road Truckers appear to be involved with the creation of a new trucking-related competition show. In addition, a casting call has been issued for family-owned trucking companies specializing in oversized hauling.

A casting call from Bobcat Studios, creators of Deadliest Catch, appearing across social media targets truckers with “years of experience driving an 18-wheeler.” The studio says it is producing a competition series “to find the most skilled truckers to compete in a series of events to show off their trucker skills.” Bobcat also mentions drivers will be put through a series of obstacle courses and tasks as part of the show. For more information, email [email protected].

The other casting call claims it is seeking trucking businesses for a show on a “major TV network.” More specifically, it calls for “family-owned businesses who have experience shipping large and obscure items over dynamic terrain.” If interested, you can email [email protected]

People involved with Bobcat Partners include Jeff Conroy and Thom Beers, both of whom were executives at Original Productions, which produced Ice Road Truckers for The History Channel. Beers also served as the narrator for the series, which ran for 138 episodes over 11 seasons. Conroy was co-executive producer of Ice Road Truckers and has also been involved with Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, and Storage Wars.

The third founder of Bobcat is Sara Bernard, former general manager at Huffington Post and director of online engagement in the Obama White House. Man Crashed Garbage Truck