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New ISUZU N-Series Diesel Truck 2021

Harmony is what we strive for with our customers. The medium duty truck market offers customers a number of options to choose from, but when they choose Isuzu, it means something more to us. We are more than a chassis, and we aim to show that to each of our customers. Sure, Isuzu’s legendary reliability is a testament to how well our trucks are built.

They are put to the test every day, from the harsh environments of construction to the stop-n-go of home delivery. At every turn, we are there to support Isuzu truck owners with robust warranties, quality parts, and excellent maintenance at more than 300 authorized Isuzu dealerships and service facilities.

Isuzu has been the best-selling low cab forward truck in America every year since 1986. That wouldn’t be possible if our customers bought one Isuzu truck and then switched to another brand. But they don’t—they come back, year after year, truck after truck. Decades of performance and millions of miles of reliability have made Isuzu a leader in the medium-duty segment.

We are more than a chassis to hundreds of thousands of owner-operators and fleet managers that can attest to the great performance of Isuzu trucks and to our brand support. There isn’t just one reason to choose Isuzu but many compelling reasons. Owning an Isuzu truck is just the beginning of a relationship — we aim to prove that Isuzu trucks are more than a chassis.


The Isuzu low cab forward (LCF) design is known for providing outstanding visibility and maneuverability. These two advantages alone make Isuzu trucks easier and safer to drive. Our multiple wheelbases give N-Series customers a choice of body sizes up to 24 feet in length — giving you more choices, more driver benefits, and less hassle when navigating the road ahead.


Conventional cabs are longer in order to accommodate a forward mounted engine. In contrast, Isuzu LCF cabs are positioned above the engine with less forward mass. This efficient design gives LCF owners more Cab to Axle (CA) space compared to conventional cabs with equivalent wheelbases, allowing:

  • Up to 4-ft. longer bodies on equivalent wheelbases to accommodate more cargo
  • Body sizes from 10 to 24 ft. in length. This versatility gives you more choices when upfitting your next N-Series truck
  • More maneuverability. When equal body sizes are mounted on a conventional cab truck and a low cab forward truck, the low cab forward truck has a shorter overall vehicle length providing more maneuverability with equal cargo loads.


Less forward mass gives the driver and passengers more visibility compared to traditional cabs. This not only helps to make driving an Isuzu truck easier, but also helps to enhance safety for the driver. Urban areas are known for their tight quarters, and being able to see obstacles and pedestrians more clearly gives the driver an advantage when navigating in the city.

The Isuzu N-Series provides 16 ft. more ground view than a conventional cab for better forward visibility. The N-Series cab design provides a clear view of the ground at just about 8 ft.  ahead of the cab. Conventional cabs’ ground view begins around 24 ft.


Fewer three-point turns saves time, and time is money. More time, more money. Isuzu trucks have class leading turning radiuses which reduce the amount of three-point turns on any given route. The turning radius also helps the driver when parking and backing into tight spaces for exceptional maneuverability.

The Isuzu N-Series best-in-class turning radius is achieved with the LCF cab design and the inner wheel cut (49.5° – 16” tires, 46.5° – 19.5” tires).


What do Isuzu trucks have that others don’t? It’s not just multiple wheel choices, chrome grilles and the latest bells and whistles. It’s more than that. The best low cab forward truck is backed by our unrivaled product and customer support, a best-in-class warranty, and a low cost of ownership.

It’s the intangibles and so much more. Our customers’ loyalty is due to our quality product and the support we back it with. Isuzu diesel trucks are equipped with a Data Recording Module (DRM) that tracks your truck’s performance in key areas like fuel economy, engine and emission conditions and braking conditions just to name a few.

Your dealer can run a Vehicle Health Report on your truck to help you monitor how it is being driven, identify potential repairs, and help protect your investment while maximizing your uptime. Your truck’s maintenance is vital to keeping it on the road and performing its best. That is why every new Isuzu diesel truck comes with a complimentary oil coverage plan.

It is more than just an oil and filter change every 10,000 miles or 300 engine hours. This maintenance plan covers lubricating the chassis, replacing engine and chassis fuel filters, checking your tire pressures and running a Vehicle Health Report. This plan covers your truck for two years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Preventive maintenance increases your operating efficiency and maximizes your fuel economy. This comprehensive program protects you against increasing labor and parts costs for three to six years. PSMP also guarantees you “Priority” treatment during your service visits and when roadside assistance is needed.

And, any unused portion of your PSMP can be rolled into your next purchase, transferred to the next owner, or refunded to you. Protecting your investment beyond the standard warranty assures you a high level of protection against costly repairs.

This limited warranty covers you for up to five years or 200,000 miles (250,000 miles also available), whichever comes first, extends Roadside Assistance for duration of the warranty and doubles the mileage of the after-treatment system. See your local authorized Isuzu dealer for further warranty details.

Specifically-designed replacement parts developed for Isuzu trucks are approved for all warranty repairs and carry a one-year unlimited mile warranty. Isuzu FleetValue Parts are designed to provide a low cost of ownership, safe operation of your truck, and superior quality.

We ensure that FleetValue Parts meet OEM standards and back them with a one-year unlimited mile warranty.